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About Us

Bake The Sprout is based on good provenance, great tasting food and promoting healthy living. Our distinctive and contemporary range of breads, cakes, cookies and pastries use freshly stone milled sprouted, traditional, heirloom, and ancient whole grains, as well as pulses, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. We are “from scratch” bakers which means all our jams, compotes, fillings, glazes & toppings are made in-house and pride ourselves on using the best ingredients we can find.

We take inspiration and ideas from all parts of the world combining the best of tried and true techniques with the latest health trends to create unique and signature flavors. We believe that baking is not only about trying new things and creating new flavors but also making sure that what you are eating is nutritious and good for you.

Why Choose Sprouted Bread?

Sprouted grains are whole grains that have been sprouted to release the nutrients inside. The sprouting process reduces anti-growth enzymes contained in whole grains. The sprouting process results in a reduction of carbohydrates along with an increase in protein. Sprouted grains contain lower levels of gluten and up to three times the amount of soluble fiber found in non-sprouted grains. They are a nutritional powerhouse and an excellent source of good carbs for a healthy lifestyle.

We sprout and mill these grains in house, giving you truly fresh and nutritious bakery products. The ideal climate, temperature and conditions are maintained in our soaking, sprouting and drying process to make sure that all nutrients are kept in each step. In doing so, we reduce the anti nutrients like phytate, protease inhibitors, lectins and tannins, these plant compounds reduce the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients.

Sprouting, Germinating and Fermenting enhances the unique flavor of each whole grain bringing it to the forefront. It results in a amazingly tasty flour that is mild and full of flavor – with no bitterness.

The Benefits of Sprouted Grains

Increased Digestibility: Sprouting breaks down starches in grains into simple sugars so your body can digest them easily. Therefore, it digests more as a vegetable than a grain.

Increased Absorption of Minerals: Sprouting breaks down enzyme inhibitors, so your body can more easily absorb calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.

Increased Antioxidants: Sprouting releases more antioxidants that are naturally stored in the grains and seeds.

Increased Vitamin C: Sprouting produces vitamin C.

Increased Vitamin B: Sprouting increases the vitamin B2, B5 & B6

Friendly to diabetics: Sprouted bread improves blood sugar control as it does not cause post meal blood sugar levels or blood fat counts to spike upwards

Low Glycemic Index

Less Gluten: Sprouting pre digests the gluten making it easier for gluten sensitive individuals to digest bread (however do note it does still contain gluten)

Filling: Our sprouted and whole grain products guarantee to keep you satiated throughout the day with a sustained release of nutrients. You will not experience any white carb energy crash.


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